Activate Your Inner Power book cover

Activate your Inner Power

A Book of Guidance Messages

By: Lee Milteer

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In a world that never slows down, reflects, and processes experience, it can be easy to get caught up in self-doubt, become overwhelmed, and adopt a defeatist mindset. All to often, this same world points to excessive workout and health plans, extensive therapeutic fixes, and programs to find self-healing.

In Activate Your Inner Power, author Lee Milteer shares one of her most profound findings: that you already possess the power to overcome a number of hardships within you.

This must-have motivational book acts as a weapon against negativity and a guidebook through mental and physical battles that plague us daily. From self-image issues, to spirituality, to growing through risk taking, Milteer has designed digestible advice to combat these overwhelming trials.

Find solace in choosing pages to read at random, or go page-by-page, meditatively through the book each day. With well over two-hundred prayers, reclaim your emotions and feelings through these quick bursts of motivation and wisdom. Not only does the book point out and articulate specific trials that come our way, it also offers practical ‘action’ plans for putting change into practice.

Having appeared on thousands of radio and TV shows as an expert guest, founded Millionaire SmartsÒ Club, written fifteen books, and more, Milteer combines decades of professional coaching experience with gimmick-free advice in a book that pushes people forward and towards their best life.


Lee Milteer


Lee has written five best-selling books and has also coauthored nine more books, including Renegade Millionaire with Dan S. Kennedy. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts Coaching program, which…

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