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All-Inclusive TV

How Booming Brands Are Reimagining TV Advertising

By: Chuck Hengel

Americans are watching more video content than ever―nearly six hours a day on average. A closer look at how audiences are consuming content reveals that video is a broad category including streaming, digital, and linear TV and that these alternatives are much more integrated than many acknowledge.

All-Inclusive TV reframes the conversation about video content to prove that traditional TV inventory not only fits within the current media marketplace but retains the power to transform brands and businesses beyond expectation.

Chuck Hengel shows how data science, automation, and artificial intelligence help linear TV measure and optimize ad campaigns, achieve the accountability sought by modern marketers, and create a targeted, rich advertising opportunity.

If you’re trying to build a brand, gain visibility, or attract new customers, linear TV continues to be a smart bet for the big impact it can have on both performance marketing and brand building.


Chuck Hengel

Founder & CEO, Marketing Architects, Inc

As the CEO and founder of Marketing Architects, Chuck Hengel has helped his clients generate more than $7.4 billion in sales through quality TV campaigns. Chuck cut his teeth in radio, growing…

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