Architecting Enterprise Transformations book cover

Architecting Enterprise Transformations

A Holistic Approach to Business Optimization, Innovation, and Agility

By: Suresh Done

We live in a world where business and technology are inextricably linked, but how do you know if your organization is the best possible version of itself?

How do you begin to align the vast array of technology solutions to your business needs when the solutions keep changing at lightning speed? And how can technology help you transform into an enterprise that can both meet the needs of today and be prepared for the next unexpected crisis?

For over two decades, Suresh Done, CEO of SNA Technologies, has been on the forefront of enterprise architecture, helping businesses answer these questions and the questions they haven’t even thought of yet.

In Architecting Enterprise Transformations, he introduces the key concepts and strategies of enterprise architecture and how they propel organizations to improve and innovate.

Filled with practical explanations, helpful graphics, and examples taken from real life, he shows how a holistic approach to optimizing your organization’s strategy and solutions is essential to achieving your long-term vision, remaining competitive, and developing the agility to adapt to an ever-changing market.

It’s time for a new blueprint for success—one that aligns technology with business and allows you to build the best enterprise architecture to not only meet the demands of now but the demands of tomorrow.


Suresh Done

Founder and Chief Architect, SNA Technologies

SNA Technologies has offices in Singapore, UAE and many other countries. Under Suresh’s leadership, SNA Technologies achieved “Company of the month” in the CIO Review magazine for the July 2015…

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