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Breathe, Sleep, Live, Smile

Integrative Treatments For TMJ, Sleep Apnea, And Orthodontics

By: Lynn and Edmund Lipskis

In today’s world, health care can be unforgiving, impersonal, and frustrating. Some doctors will only prescribe symptomatic care―to the point that weekly doctor visits become the norm. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is more at the root of health problems than most people would think, and part of healing is knowing enough to ask the correct questions.

Drs. Edmund and Lynn Lipskis wrote Breathe, Sleep, Live, Smile: Integrative Treatments for TMJ, Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics to address issues in their field of expertise, and to also highlight the importance of getting to the root of your medical problems in order to eliminate the symptoms which negatively impact your life. This book includes information about:

  • The relationship between TMJ, chronic pain, and sleep apnea/
    breathing issues
  • The importance of integrative treatments and professional/patient
  • Getting to the source of your pain for more permanent solutions
    without drugs
  • The importance of evaluating children as young as two years old to help prevent major health issues

Every presenting set of symptoms has a different roadmap to health. Don’t wait―learn how to get to the source of your health problems before you fall into the cycle of endless treatment.


Lynn and Edmund Lipskis

Founders, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre Of Chicago

Dr. Ed and Lynn Lipskis both have over thirty years of experience and over five thousand hours of postgraduate education in the fields of orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, and sleep medicine.…

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