Investment success book

Buy Low, Sell High, Stupid!

A Simple, No BS Guide to Building and Managing a Successful Investment Portfolio

By: John Scambray

Across the US, most people have not saved enough money—they’re not going to have the retirement they envisioned after working hard for so many years. But there is hope.

In Buy Low, Sell High, Stupid! John Scambray shares creative solutions that most investors never have access to because they do not have the large amount of investable dollars required by the big firms.

Starting with the basics of investing, how any dummy can have a financial plan, and the difference a portfolio manager can make.

John then writes about why the strategy of buy-and-hold is for suckers, the difference between Main Street and Wall Street investing, how to make money on your money, and strategies to beat the status quo.

If you haven’t saved until now, or you haven’t invested outside of the low-interest products offered by your local bank, it’s not too late.  All it takes is to get started—now.


John Scambray

John Scambray, CPM Managing Partner, CEO, CIO OneSource Health & Wealth Management

For John Scambray, “pretty good” investment returns are not good enough. At his firm, OneSource Advisors, John’s passion is helping average investors make money the same way as people with…

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