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Career 180s

Career 180s: Inspiring Stories of Bold Career Changes

By: Mike Harris

It’s a dream likely far removed from where you’re at today. We’re talking about a bold move―a move other people may think you aren’t qualified for or capable of. But it can be done.

In Career 180s, Mike Harris proves it with the inspiring stories of ten brave individuals who dove headfirst into their new careers―careers they chose and pursued with vigor. Yes, they had doubts, and yes, they had to learn new things―but they charged ahead anyway.

Do you have what it takes to do a Career 180? Regardless of how you answer, one thing is for sure: after reading the stories in this book, you’ll be more prepared, more inspired, and more ready to pursue your passion than ever before.

Who knows . . . this book may be what it takes for you to start pursuing that new career!


Mike Harris

CEO, Patina Solutions

With Patina, Mike has created a business that helps executives with 25+ years of experience to work in a whole new way, gig by gig―he calls it a Work 180.…

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