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Changing Lives – One Smile at a Time

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Orthodontics

By: Eric Turke

Everyone considering orthodontics for themselves or their children needs to know that orthodontics does change lives. If your child hiding their smile? Are you worried about how crooked teeth might affect their future? Yes, orthodontics involves improving one’s self-esteem, improving dental and nutritional health and improving speech all by changing one’s life. Dr. Eric Turke’s intent in writing this book isn’t necessarily to entertain, but to inform.

Orthodontic treatment is a pretty big investment in both time and money, so Dr. Eric Turke understands parents and patients want to know more about what to expect and how the whole process works. One of his goals is to give you the confidence to make right decisions concerning orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child. Other topics include:

  • The commonly asked questions about orthodontics
  • Why my child’s smile is so important
  • How to choose your orthodontist

As an orthodontist, Dr. Eric Turke does change lives – one smile at a time!


Eric Turke

Founder, Turke Orthodontics

Dr.Turke has always had a passion for improving people’s confidence through enhancing their smiles. He really enjoys helping children, teenagers and adults build up their self-esteem through the help of…

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