Check Up, Check-In book cover

Check-Up, Check-In

Why Business Travel Strategies Should Prioritize Employee Health and Wellness

By: Mary Miller Sallah Anuja Agrawal

Beginning with a comprehensive understanding of businesses’ Duty of Care and employees’ Duty of Loyalty, Agrawal and Miller Sallah offer readers a seven-step approach to maintaining a heightened focus on employee health and well-being in every aspect of business travel—from generating sense-making policy to collecting and analyzing relevant trip data and traveler feedback.

They show how businesses of all sizes can proactively address the impacts of business travel on employee health, the unique risks to health and safety that can occur during business travel, the necessity of accommodating employees’ existing health conditions and accessibility needs, and the value of employer-sponsored medical travel services.

Agrawal and Miller Sallah offer recommendations to help employers navigate the cyclical nature of travel policy creation, revision and refinement, the evolving business travel landscape, and the changing needs and preferences of employees who travel for work.

Agrawal and Miller Sallah make a convincing case that maintaining a more holistic and inclusive approach to business travel and continuous evolution are business imperatives to meeting an organization’s Duty of Care obligations.


Mary Miller Sallah

founder and president of Little Palms Foundation

As the co-founder of ALLAY.TRAVEL, Mary is committed to delivering a practical conversation on the opportunities for improvement in the travel industry. She is the founder and president of Little…

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Anuja Agrawal

Author | Executive | Entrepreneur | Speaker

She is the founder and CEO of Health Flights Solutions, a global organization with a technology platform for medical and wellness travel. As co-founder of ALLAY.TRAVEL, Anuja is committed to…

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