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Creating Beautiful, Confident Smiles

A Smart Patient's Guide To Choosing An Orthodontist

By: Dr. Marty Verbic

Are you tired of suffering from crooked teeth? Embarrassed to go out on a date or
a job interview because of it? Or is your child being teased at school and on social
media because of her overbite? Are you worried that this teasing will lead to a
lack of self-confidence or even depression? There is HOPE. In Creating Beautiful,
Confident Smiles: A Smart Patient’s Guide to Choosing an Orthodontist, you’ll learn
how to intelligently answer questions like:

• Does my child really need braces and if so, when is the right time to get them?
• Who should I trust to provide orthodontic care for my family?
• How much do braces really cost?

So, if you or your child has issues that only an orthodontist could mend, don’t wait!
Learn everything you need to know about orthodontics from this book, and get
it straight! You could give your child a gift that lasts a lifetime and help them to
brighten their world with a beautiful, confident smile.


Dr. Marty Verbic

Founder, Verbic Orthodontics

Dr. Verbic believes that no child should grow up being bullied because of their smile. His mission is to provide orthodontic treatment at no charge to all children that come…

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