Deconstructing Digital book cover

Deconstructing Digital

Simple Ways To Connect With Your Next-Generation Financial Clients

By: Sheri Fitts

Social media is here to stay, and as a professional in the financial field, you must learn to navigate the digital realm to stay in-step with your clients and potential clients. But there are regulations. Rules. Compliance.

How do you remain within the lines to which you are constrained and really rock social media platforms to connect with your target clients and prospects? Social media guru Sheri Fitts reveals the strategies that will empower you to do both.

Follow along in Deconstructing Digital, where Sheri Fitts will provide you with the resources to: understand the digital world, clarify your messaging, communicate with a new generation of financial clients and learn how to make social media work for you.


Sheri Fitts


It all started at the young age of five, selling her very own homemade rose petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door. As a digital native with more than 25…

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