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Develop The Mindset to Navigate Life's Turns

By: Steve Gilliland

Whether you are going through mild changes now or expect massive reorganizations in the future, change is inevitable for every successful organization.

DETOUR contains remarkable insights on how to deal with change, providing solutions to reduce stress, eliminate fear and increase performance.

Hall of Fame Speaker and best-selling author Steve Gilliland, who showed us how to Enjoy The Ride, now reveals how to handle change in a fluctuating workplace and navigate life’s turns when something sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined.

This book will help you develop…
• THE MINDSET OF RECOGNITION Identify the Prerequisites for Change
• THE MINDSET OF REACTION Manage the Stress When Change Occurs
• THE MINDSET OF REALITY Discover the Three Sides to the Story
• THE MINDSET OF RESOURCEFULNESS Dismiss Self-Imposed Limitations
• THE MINDSET OF RECEPTIVENESS Choose the Belief of Possibilities
• THE MINDSET OF RESOLUTION Unearth the Power of Determination

People have an instinctive ability to adapt to most situations and often live by the adage “It is what it is.”


Steve Gilliland

President and CEO - Steve Gilliland, Inc

His book Enjoy The Ride™ has been on the publisher’s best seller list for a record nine consecutive years, serving as the cornerstone to Steve’s personal and professional philosophy. Steve speaks…

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