katherine miracle discovering your dawn

Discovering Your Dawn

Only When You Find Your Dawn Can You Unlock Your True Potential

By: Katherine Miracle

Based on a true story, Miracle’s personal narrative reflects upon a tragedy that occurred while she attended college. Discovering Your Dawn unveils the mistakes Miracle made during an unparalleled tragedy and reflects upon her own suffering, in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. Katherine speaks on college campuses on “The Truth About Leadership and Love.”  This motivational and inspirational seminar, which Katherine describes as her “purpose,” tells of the loss of close friends, tumultuous relationships, and how such jarring tales impacted her educational experience.


Katherine Miracle

Founder, Miracle Resources

Miracle Resources consultants specialize in the areas of advertising, branding, public relations, marketing, and revenue development. They have served a number of clients, including the Cleveland Clinic, Northwest Mutual, The…

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