Distribution Land book


A Retiree’s Survival Manual for Transitioning to a World of New Rules & Unexpected Dangers

By: Martin Higgins

If you’re retired or on the way, meet Marty Higgins— the guide to your journey through what he calls DistributionLand, a place of lovely landscapes but undeniable dangers.

He’ll show you how to enjoy this new world—but he wants you to be well-armed. As founder of Family Wealth Management LLC, Higgins is a specialist in helping families build and preserve their savings, to last the rest of their lives and beyond.

In DistributionLand, he takes you into ‘retirement territory,’ where you distribute the gains of your working years. Be warned: You need to adjust to a new set of rules here, or you may not make it, as many have sadly learned.

This isn’t Accumulation Land anymore, that youthful place where you built for a future far away. You need new strategies to fend off the beasts that lie in wait—among them, taxation, inflation, the cost of medical and long-term care, as well as an unpredictable market.

You need not live in fear. Higgins has the tools that can help you do far more than survive in DistributionLand. He can show you how to create an income that will endure as long as you do, supporting the retirement of your dreams.

An important first step is to set about defining those dreams. Marty Higgins has answers to the questions that he has heard countless retirees ask during his many years of practice.

If you are to sleep well, you need to be confident that your money is secure and that you will be all right, no matter what. But he knows that you want and deserve more than that. You want to explore these new vistas and enjoy this new phase of life to the utmost. With Higgins at your side, you’re in for a joyous journey.


Martin Higgins

President – Family Wealth Management

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