Succeed in recession with Dreams Deferred

Dreams Deferred

Recession, Struggle, and the Quest for a Better World

By: Brandolon Barnett

For the generation of young people who came of age during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 (and those who will come of age during recessions that are sure to follow) making one’s way into the labor force could be a daunting challenge.

That’s especially true for a generation raised and schooled to believe that success in life comes from finding work that reflects their talents and interests.

In such circumstances, having to take on work that doesn’t fit either one’s abilities or one’s deepest sense of meaning and purpose can be enough to crush any spirit that strives for something more.

Dreams Deferred: Recession, Struggle, and the Quest for a Better World bears witness to the struggle of a deep-thinking, curious, and intelligent young Black man from Dallas, Texas, who grew up as the only child of a loving mother in a stable yet poor household.

Author Brandolon Barnett offers readers a candid and moving account of his personal journey from entering the workforce to establishing himself as a leader in the non-profit arena.

Dreams Deferred confronts head-on the tension between the author’s hopes, ambitions, sense of humor, and the harsh realities of a world that’s determined to quash them. Barnett’s story offers a heaping dose of inspiration for anyone trying to find their way in the world without giving up on their dreams.


Brandolon Barnett

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Solutions, Philanthropy Cloud

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