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Eating Yourself Sick

How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, and Diabetes From Killing You and Your Family

By: Dr. Joseph Galati

In 2014, overweight people comprised 39 percent of the adult population—over a third of all people age eighteen and older. Since 1980, obesity has more than doubled worldwide in adults, and tripled in youth. This has spurred a nationwide health issue: metabolic syndrome, a cluster of diseases including obesity, fatty liver, and cardiovascular disease that can be fatal if not kept under control. Armed with decades of experience and a deep understanding of metabolic syndrome, Dr. Joe Galati looks to use this book to educate you on how to avoid these diseases. Through a strong family structure, eating  habits, and regular exercise, you can avoid or reverse metabolic syndrome, and help your children—our most precious resource—avoid becoming another unhealthy statistic.


Dr. Joseph Galati

Founder, Liver Specialists of Texas

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