what does the future of work look like?

Embracing Progress

Next Steps For The Future Of Work

By: Sophie Wade

Engagement. Personalization. Integration. Choice. These four priorities are core themes for any Future-of-Work transformation. Embrace them as you take the next steps to achieve a future-proofed, talent-focused, and progressive working environment.

Progress is at the heart of the American Dream and the significant ongoing workforce and workplace changes. Technological advances are enabling new ways of working that are long overdue―responding to decades of societal evolution and new understanding about what actually engages workers and increases productivity.

Sophie Wade is an authority on the Future of Work, and in Embracing Progress she shares her expertise and insights to explain the current and project work environment. She outlines how you can take the new steps to transform your company successfully, applying first principles to develop your unique plan for progress. You will learn about the four Priorities and six Pillars to focus on and evolve and how to achieve as smooth a transition as possible. Embracing Progress will give you the tools you need to develop and execute a viable strategic plan to tackle ongoing workplace changes, allowing your company to flourish in the years ahead.


Sophie Wade

Founder, Flexcel Network

Wade has lived and worked in five countries helping major corporations and entrepreneurs develop, finance, and execute strategic initiatives, build teams and ventures, and create partnerships. She earned a BA…

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