Empowered By Beauty

Empowered by Beauty

A Testament for Unleashing Self-Confidence: A Testament For Unleashing Self-Confidence

By: Marisa Faircloth

During the early years of her career, Marisa Faircloth had the good fortune to work with some of the best plastic surgeons in the field. She thought then what she knows now: that less invasive procedures are perfect for people who don’t want or need a drastic change to their overall appearance. As she tells her clients, radical changes in your appearance are not going to make you beautiful; the lightest of touches can bring out your natural beauty.

Marisa’s unique approach to human connection and empathy allows her to provide more than the aesthetic services she offers. Though clients may come in thinking they need beauty services, they often leave feeling full restoration of body, mind, and spirit. Marisa’s mission is to uncover the hidden beauty in each person who walks through her door. Whatever she can do to enhance and empower them, she takes the time and effort to do.

Her book gives readers permission to do something nice for themselves, because if it makes them feel better, it makes everyone they touch feel better too. This is why the benefits of self-care are limitless.


Marisa Faircloth

Physician Assistant

She is credentialed as a Master Level Injector and is also awarded Diamond Status with Allergan, placing her among the top three percent of injectors in the nation. She also…

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