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Exceptional Applicant

For College Admission, You Don't Have To Be Perfect, You Just Have To Be Original

By: Dr. Deborah Bedor

In her role as one of the nation’s premier college admissions advisors, Dr. Deborah Bedor told her students in early 2020 that the biggest disruption facing high schoolers in the college admissions process will come when standardized tests are minimized in importance or deleted from all required applications. Exceptional Applicant is your guide to getting accepted at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

At that time, students will have to pull themselves up through their wits, subject mastery, and imagination, emerging from the in-school rut where classmates follow each other down the same course and activity paths instead of defining what is unique and remarkable about themselves.


Dr. Deborah Bedor

Coach and Advisor

She works with her international clientele on every part of the college application—inspiring, developing, and implementing unique, authentic, and empowering leadership and academic college presentations to match each student’s talents,…

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