Financial Reset book

Financial Reset

How Your Mindset About Money Affects Your Financial Well-Being

By: Nancy LaPointe

You have tough questions about money―Nancy LaPointe has answers. Financial Reset is your fail-safe resource in times of financial insecurity. Transform haphazard decisions into workable, calculated strategies.

Hit the “reset” button and start fresh. LaPointe positions you in the right frame of mind to develop habits that support your values and intentions.

A ship without a rudder can certainly make its way across the water, but it has no control of where the water will take it. Under LaPointe’s guidance, grab your rudder and take initiative of your financial destiny.


Nancy LaPointe

Founder of Navigate Financial

She has committed over 16 years to building financial security for businesses and individuals of all backgrounds and industries. Nancy builds long-standing relationship with her clients. She designs and implements…

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