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Financial Stability for Life

A Smart, Compassionate Approach to Making the Most of Your Money

By: Daniel Butler

If you were to retire today, could you live comfortably? More importantly, could you sustain that lifestyle over a thirty to thirty-five year period? Certified Financial Planner™ Daniel Butler is your resource for reaching a secure and fulfilling retirement with his unique approach that focuses not on how much money there is but rather how that money is guarded. He does this by playing defense with your assets―achieving wins by not losing. In Financial Stability for Life, Dan provides the retiree with an understanding of:

• how a mutually respectful, interactive relationship with the financial advisor can dramatically assist a successful retirement
• how to interpret and set expectations of various business cycles and historical market data to better understand their respective relationships to account performance
• how the conservative to moderate investment portfolio can provide the client with necessary performance and cash flow to fund a successful retirement


Daniel Butler

Leader’s Council Member, Raymond James Financial Services

He specializes in long-term financial planning to corporate executives, professionals, and their families. Dan resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he volunteers in various capacities.

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