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Finding Beauty

Think, See And Feel Beautiful

By: Dr. Dennis Schimpf

What does it take to be considered beautiful? Would you consider yourself beautiful? Would others consider you beautiful? The most important aspect of beauty lies with who you are on the inside. However, there’s a huge boon to changing how you look on the outside: it can positively impact your confidence, it can change how people see you, and ultimately, it allows you to carry yourself vibrantly. Dennis Schimpf, MD, FACS, wrote Finding Beauty to help people understand everything they need to know about plastic surgery, including:

• the different plastic surgery procedures available to patients,
• how to spot myths and misconceptions about plastic surgery, and
• the importance behind plastic surgery and its role in medicine.

Plastic surgery is an art and a process, and the more people understand about the discipline, the more equipped they will be to handle expectations and limitations. Dennis Schimpf seeks to battle the stigmas and misunderstandings behind plastic surgery, and help you realize that no matter the extent of the procedure, beauty starts with who you are on the inside.


Dr. Dennis Schimpf

Founder, Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery

He opened his practice, Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery, in 2013. Since its inception, Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery has evolved into a multi-faceted practice focusing almost exclusively on cosmetic plastic surgery of the…

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