3D book cover of finding heart in art

Finding Heart in Art

A Surgeon's Renaissance Approach To Healing Modern Medical Burnout

By: Shawn Jones

It’s been said that art has the ability to heal wounds. By exposing our inner selves to true beauty we can treat emotional scars and promote wellness. But can art actually help alleviate feelings of burnout?

Dr. Shawn C. Jones thinks it can, and with Finding Heart in Art, he uses Renaissance paintings as a framework to explain how medical professionals can manage fatigue. Through an appreciation of the beautiful world around us, we can reconnect with our feelings and experience gladness, anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and all the feelings that call you to full living. Your emotions are a reflection of your heart’s desire―don’t lose touch with them.


Shawn Jones

Founder, Purchase ENT

In 2016 he was honored with the association’s Distinguished Service Award. He serves on KMA’s American Medical Association delegation and was recently elected president of the Kentucky Foundation for Medical…

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