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Finding Your Financial Type

Clearing the Hurdles to Financial Wellness

By: Chantel Bonneau

Gaining clarity about personal finances, taking financial ownership, and building a healthy relationship with money is hard, and the anxiety of tackling such could be holding you back. Author Chantel Bonneau will show you that hope is within reach; there is a way to enter into a healthy relationship with our finances, starting with discovering your FIN type. Everyone―the millennial, the single parent, the forty-year-old blue collar worker, or the late-fifties CEO―has a financial type, or FIN type, and it’s never too late or too early to start working on your financial plan.

You could be a …
• DILIGENT SAVER―a budgeter who’s extremely frugal
• IMPLEMENTER―a decision-maker and macro-thinker who wants a relevant, narrowed focus and appreciates knowledgeable guidance
• CAPABLE STUDENT―a novice when it comes to jargon; one who is fearful of making wrong decisions but is eager to learn
• HURDLER―a novice who is out of touch with their financial reality, and not numbers oriented
• ANALYTIC―a micro-thinker who is data-driven, detail-oriented, and a bit of a control freak

In Finding your FINancial Type, you will discover which of five different FIN types you align with, empowering you to achieve good financial health just by being yourself.


Chantel Bonneau

Certified Financial Planner

She has been named a Top 25 Rising Star in the Industry by LIMRA, speaks at various industry events across the country, and has been featured in many publications including…

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