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Finish Line Vision

Find Your Passion. Overcome Your Obstacles. Fuel Your Life.

By: Jay Hewitt

Do you have a finish line in your life? A goal that you want to achieve―a dream that you want to live―but you know the road to get there will be long and hard? There are obstacles in your way and you fear that you might fail, and failure intimidates us all, but you still dream of that moment―your finish line moment. How do you get there? Finish Line Vision is the motivation that comes from visualizing your success, imagining yourself experiencing that moment.

Jay Hewitt will take you on a journey, telling you his remarkable story of overcoming type 1 diabetes to qualify and race on the US national triathlon team, balancing grueling physical training with work as an attorney, diabetes, and life as a husband and father.

He provides research on the neuropsychology of achievement with examples of high achievers in history. You will learn lessons on:

•setting and reaching goals
•overcoming obstacles and doubt
•achieving work-life balance
•fitness and diet for a healthy lifestyle
•handling change and failure

Many people have already been inspired by Jay Hewitt’s powerful message on stage. If you apply these principles, learn from these successes and failures, work hard, and persevere . . . you will reach your finish line.


Jay Hewitt


He has practiced law and management consulting and speaks to companies and the public about diabetes, leadership, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals. He lives in Greenville, SC, with his wife…

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