Forging Bonds of Steel: How To Build A Successful And Lasting Relationship With Your Financial Advisor by Rodger Alan Friedman

Forging Bonds of Steel

How To Build A Successful And Lasting Relationship With Your Financial Advisor

By: Rodger Alan Friedman

As a wire-house advisor for 30 years, Rodger Friedman knows how to forge the relationships that are crucial to a successful retirement. A natural storyteller, Friedman recalls marveling at the massive steel chains that moored the cruise ships in New York Harbor when he was a boy. He likens those mighty links to the bonds between advisor and client. Forging Bonds of Steel explores how to form such a relationship, one that will serve your family for generations. Friedman knows what it takes to make a portfolio last for a lifetime and beyond, but first and foremost, he understands you need a financial advisor you can trust. Deep trust only develops over time, and it starts with getting to know each other. An advisor’s first inquiry should be, “Tell me about your family.” Friedman’s work ethic and sense of responsibility to others came from his own family. He grew up in New York City, and was the third generation working in his family’s laundry. It was there that he learned success comes through exemplary service and honesty. Rodger Friedman speaks from the heart. Every page is like a visit with an old friend who cares enough to tell it like it is. He shows you how to build the kind of rapport that will endure for years to come.


Rodger Alan Friedman

Financial Advisor

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