Forty Years of Investor Mistakes: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls by Bill Riley

Forty Years of Investor Mistakes

A Financial Advisor's Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls

By: Bill Riley

Bill Riley has seen it all. He has seen his industry neglect the very people it purports to serve. Riley has a better way. And in Forty Years of Investor Mistakes he shares what you need to know now – before it’s too late. Riley wants to spare you the mistakes that he often sees among people preparing for retirement – or who already are there. Those mistakes can turn dreams into drudgery, as so many retirees learned so well in recent years, as their proud portfolios dwindled. It didn’t have to be that way. Riley understands how troubling this new phase of life can be, but he also knows you deserve the fulfillment you worked so hard to attain.

He has helped countless clients make the most of their savings and develop a lifelong income, free from fear, so they can reach their goals confidently. In fact, it all starts with goals. He does far more than analyze your finances. He gets inside your head. For what purpose did you save that money? Riley focuses first on helping you figure out where you are going with your life – because it’s only when you see that destination that he can best help you get there. Along the way, Riley will make sure you have enough to live well, day by day. With discipline and dedication to fundamentals, he can keep you out of trouble in tough economic times and help you to flourish in the good times. He rallies decades of experience and teamwork to create a retirement plan designed just for you. In Forty Years of Investor Mistakes, Bill Riley shows you the better way – the culture of caring, as he calls it. He brings you the kind of retirement planning that will help you to live well, sleep well, and preserve your legacy for generations to come.


Bill Riley

Co-founder - Riley Wealth Management, LLC

William Riley is a 40-year industry veteran, who many years ago observed that over time, institutional investors typically outperform individual investors while accepting less risk. Prior to co-founding Riley Wealth Management,…

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