Foundational Leadership book cover

Foundational Leadership

Growth Doesn't Start at the Top

By: Robert L. Griggs

How do you lead your organization with the most important people in mind? In Lead from the Bottom, Robert Griggs highlights his journey from being a young entrepreneur to becoming the founder and president of Trinity Products.

After the loss of his mother at an early age, Robert began work for a farmer when he was fifteen. Through this experience, he grew to understand what it meant to have a strong work ethic and be an effective leader.

After graduating high school, Robert took a door-to-door sales job that did not earn him much of an income but awakened his passion for sales and gave him a glimpse of what he might one day accomplish.

Several years later, after being on the receiving end of a deceptive boss that cheated him out of a $5,000 paycheck, Robert launched his own company with the desire to do business the right way. And since its establishment in 1979, Robert has taken Trinity Products from a struggling startup to a thriving company with over 150 employee owners that serve customers across the United States.

As Robert outlines, the secret to his success is no secret at all. Instead, it’s focusing on the basics of hard work, doing business the right way, and empowering others to step up and lead with the heart of a servant.




Robert L. Griggs

Chairman of Trinity Products

Along with his lovely wife Shelly, he currently lives in St. Charles, MO. His two sons are University of Missouri, Columbia graduates, and currently are working for Trinity Products. Robert…

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