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Frustration: The Breakfast of Champions

The Breakfast of Champions

By: Vicki McManus Peterson

You have the power to turn everyday frustrations into the biggest motivators for change in your life. Frustration: The Breakfast of Champions is a winning strategy to strengthen your emotional intelligence and better understand the choices you make.

By combining your frustration with empowering emotions, you can turn what you thought was negative feedback into positive ways to find solutions at work and at home.

Let author Vicki McManus Peterson show you how to use frustration to fuel your resolve to push further, and surround yourself with the resources to succeed more!

Understanding this one concept will propel you ahead of your coworkers and competitors that insist on viewing frustration as a signal to give up. Get ready to wake up every day with a winning mentality and start living the life that you are made for by taking care of yourself, your health, your relationships, and your finances.


Vicki McManus Peterson

Co-Founder & CEO, Productive Dentist Academy

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