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Gateway To Your Body

How Your Smile Impacts Your Overall Health

By: Dr. Bradley Dykstra

Dr. Bradley Dykstra believes a smile is one of the most precious gifts
you can give someone and she is committed to serving the Hudsonville
community by crafting world-class smiles through exceptional oral care.
But more than anyone, Dr. Dykstra knows that visiting the dentist is often
an event met with fear, anxiety, and dread. For that reason, he prides
himself on cultivating a relaxed, pain-free environment so dental care is
accessible to any patient who walks through the door.

In The Gateway to Your Body: How Your Smile Impacts Your Overall
Health, you will learn how Dr. Dykstra has set Hudsonville Dental apart
from the rest in terms of patient care, quality of service, and community
engagement. In addition, you will also learn how to best
care for your own dental health at every stage of your life
and gather helpful information for addressing common
dental ailments. This book will teach you how to:
• Improve your overall health
• Increase your self-confidence
• Reduce your risk of oral disease
• Unlock your full potential


Dr. Bradley Dykstra

Founder, Hudsonville Dental

Dr. Dykstra is a huge advocate of continuing education and fervently keeps up with the changes in current technology, as well as the latest procedures, techniques, and dental materials. In…

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