3d book cover of god bless crime by raymond boyd

God Bless Crime

It's Been Good to Me

By: Ray Boyd

Holding your breath won’t help, and neither will stepping on a tack in your shoe. If you ever find yourself across the table from Raymond Boyd and his polygraph, he’ll know whether you’re honest or not. In God Bless Crime; It’s Been Good to Me, follow Ray’s story from nightclub emcee to president of his own company and everything in between. Full of Boyd’s signature screwball humor, you’ll discover where one Tennessee sheriff finds his liquor, why Boyd has stamps that proclaim, “Go shit in your hat,” and how he and others have tricked many a dimwitted criminal. With a life full of stories spanning the range of human emotion, each one will leave you eager to see what case he cracks next.


Ray Boyd

Founder, Boyd and Associates

Upon graduation, he volunteered for the Army draft and was trained as a polygraph examiner with the Counter Intelligence Corps. He then kicked off a career with Capital Airlines hired…

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