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Going the Distance

Low-Risk Strategies for Protecting & Growing Your Wealth

By: Marc Bérubé

You’ve finally done it―you’re an accomplished business owner. Where do you go from here? Believe it or not, you’ve only begun the ultimate race of reaching your financial dreams . . . But not to worry, this challenge can be taken on, and successfully―with the right plan.

As a business owner, you can and must protect and grow your wealth by improving the strategies of various insurance and annuity products you utilize in your financial plan―and within these pages, financial coach Marc Bérubé is revealing new concepts and insurance strategies to set you on the right path. Continue your race―run your business―and rest assured that your financial strategy is working for you.


Marc Bérubé

President, Coaching Financier Trek

Bérubé holds a bachelor of engineering from École Polytechnique and began his career in 1999 at London Life before founding Coaching Financier Trek in 2002. Bérubé’s expertise and unique perspective…

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