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Growing Up Metric

Real-Life Business Insights for Realizing Your Potential

By: George Contos

You’re responsible for the growth and success of your company . . . but maybe your potential isn’t at its fullest, and you know there’s room for more success. As a leader, it is now your turn to follow another leader―George Contos, CEO of World Wide Metric. In Growing Up Metric, you will learn from the tried-and-true example of Contos and hone in on four impact areas to not only launch organization-wide growth but also limitless personal growth:
• Define your values and goals.
• Get a handle on cash flows.
• Hire well, train well, and delegate.
• Nurture positivity and show respect.


George Contos

CEO, World Wide Metric

Contos studied at California State University’s School of Business and Economics, and as a passionate leader, he has adhered to the belief that the customer’s needs and expectations should be…

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