How To Be Like Pat WIlliams book cover

How to Be Like Pat Williams

The Amazing Life of a Waymaker

By: John Simmons

Have you ever had a dream you wanted to fulfill? Or an opportunity you hoped to get? Is mentorship something you find valuable or are searching for?

If you are looking for answers to those questions or practical advice for how to live a life that will be able to give back to others in a meaningful way, then some of the answers you have been looking for are here. How to Be Like Pat Williams will inspire hope and answer real questions for anyone trying to accomplish big dreams and help bring up others beside them.

Orlando Magic Founder Pat Williams has lived an incredible life of 19 kids, Professional Sports Championships and 58 marathons.  He has written over 100 books and even drafted Shaquille O’ Neal. More than those things however, Pat has directly influenced the lives of thousands to achieve dreams, find the perfect career, read more and increase their faith in God. Pat has lived a life of profound influence using the example of the perfect waymaker, Jesus Christ.

Inside this book, you will read the accounts of professional sports hall of famers, coaches, businessmen, musicians, and millionaires who have all benefitted because of their one-on-one contact with Pat Williams. You will learn how Pat went from pathfinder to waymaker as he used practical steps to lead others through areas of life he had already been through. If you are looking to carve your own path, the stories and advice in this book will help you succeed in your journey.


John Simmons

founder of Testimony House ministries

He is also the author of books Finding Faith and God Has a Sentence for Your Life. He lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife Megan and their four…

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