Ignite Your Selling Potential book

Ignite Your Selling Potential

7 Simple Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results Fast

By: Susan A. Lund

You’re in the drivers seat, take the wheel and ignite your selling potential! Experience results within 90 days. In Ignite Your Selling Potential, Author Susan A. Lund reveals a practical roadmap with 7 Accelerators™ to inspire, equip and empower you, your team and your organization to drive profitable revenue and results fast.

You will gain access to proven strategies and principles that work to bring about the growth you desire and catapult your organization to greater success. You will learn how to:

  • Avoid hazards and navigate around challenges to your desired destination
  • Realize and maximize your selling potential and your teams’ selling potential
  • Get everyone on the same page to create a consistent, repeatable client experience
  • Transform activity into productivity® to gain a competitive advantage
  • Gain visibility and accountability and fuel stronger relationships

Regardless of your challenges and where you are, you will gain access to proven strategies and steps to navigate around your challenges to your desired destination.

When you apply what you learn and practice the fundamentals, as an individual, team or organization, you will realize sustainable results. This book is for anyone who aspires to grow, succeed or partner with sales to generate predictable, sustainable revenue and results.


Susan A. Lund

President, MR3

  Susan is an expert, speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant with experience in financial, health care, manufacturing, professional services, technology, and nonprofit industries. She has an undergraduate degree in organizational…

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