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Igniting Movements

How Critical Factors And Special Ops Empower World Changers

By: Dr. Damon Friedman

in Igniting Movements author Damon Friedman provides a model for building effective movements, inspiring people to come together under a singular vision to make the world a better place. Damon shows you why Creating Awareness Is Not Enough.

Damon Draws upon historical movements and movement theory, interviews with the executive leadership of today’s most exciting global nonprofits, real world experience leading humanitarian operations, and a career as a decorated Special Ops officer in the United States military

Hope, drive, and faith is not alone enough to spark a global movement. Visionary leadership, a shared cohesive ideology, effective organizational structure, and powerful strategic messaging―these are the “Four Pillars” around which effective movements are built and real positive change is made.


Dr. Damon Friedman

Founder and President of SOF Mission

He’s a nationally-renowned motivational speaker inspiring people to find their passion. But most importantly, he is an accidental humanitarian who stumbled upon his true purpose in life; helping others. He…

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