Dr. J. Murray Hockings' "Imagine Living Without Diabetes 2"

Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes

Discover a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals

By: Dr. J. Murray Hockings

Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes is a simple, step-by-step guide to doing what many doctors thought impossible: reversing Type 2 Diabetes! The epidemic of obesity and bad eating habits in America has spawned an even worse condition: Type 2 Diabetes. This devastating condition affects 26 million and threatens 79 million Americans who have pre-diabetic symptoms and conditions. For years, a Type 2 diagnosis by a doctor meant fighting a losing battle to live free of the condition. But the doctors were wrong!

The Three Most Common Lies About Type 2 Diabetes:

  • 1. Diabetes can’t be reversed.
  • 2. Medications are the only thing available to “manage” your diabetes.
  • 3. It’s a waste of your time and money to attempt to reverse diabetes with natural therapy.

But as this book demonstrates, it is in fact possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Get an early grip on turning back this nearly invisible life-threatening illness.

“Many pre-diabetics and Type 2 Diabetics don’t realize they have diabetes until they go for a full physical examination with their doctor. The reason for this is simple: there are many symptoms that seem unrelated, but which are inter-related to the illness.

The sooner you are diagnosed with diabetes, the better your chance is to avoid serious complications. Without early identification and treatment, you may be more at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia, kidney failure, retinal damage, ketoacidosis, blindness, erectile dysfunction, gangrene, nerve damage, and even amputation of the feet. That being said, there are many symptoms that may point to diabetes. By taking the time to explore this list of symptoms, you might be able to pre-screen yourself for diabetes.”

Don’t live with the lies of the pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturers and the medical profession. This small guide by Dr. J. Murray Hockings, D.C., D.PSc. will help you fight back so you can turn around a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes naturally, starting you down a new revolutionary path to health and wellness. Your return to health starts here!


Dr. J. Murray Hockings

Founder and CEO - Help Your Diabetes

He is the author of the books Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes and Send Your Doctor Packing. He has appeared on TV regularly for the past 16 years, educating…

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