Investing Ahead book cover

Investing Ahead

Eight Essentials for Achieving Financial Security

By: Thomas J. Curran

These days, between taxes and consumption, many people have nothing left to invest. Thomas J. Curran will show you that it doesn’t have to be that way, and he will show you how to change that. That means not just financial strategies but emotional intelligence, because if spending and saving money were simply logical matters, most people would have plenty. Regardless of how smart or logical you are, when it comes to making decisions, emotion is the great neutralizer.

With Investing Ahead, Curran has spelled out the eight investment rules that have made him—and his clients—wealthy. Start using these Curranisms now, and watch your investment future change. He’ll show you how to change the way you look at money—even a dollar bill—by looking at its future worth, not in terms of the value it currently holds.

Curran draws upon his vast personal resource of knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over more than fifty years advising clients and managing money. He will show you where Wall Street has gone wrong and how you can do right. Most of all, he will show you how, by using his eight rules, you can start investing ahead for a secure financial future.


Thomas J. Curran

Founder & CEO of Curran Wealth Management

He still uses the same investment formula—the formula he will share with you in this book—that he used to acquire millions, from the ground up, in good times and in…

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