Investing in Life

Investing in Life

Creating Financial Freedom through Multifamily Real Estate

By: David Iglewicz

Investing too often feels like you have no control over what’s happening as the stock market goes up and down like a roller coaster. Whether you’re entrusting your portfolio to a financial advisor or trying to manage it yourself, it’s easy to feel like you’re fighting an uphill climb, chasing dollars and cents with no real direction or meaning behind it all.

A practicing pediatric dentist for nearly twenty years, David Iglewicz felt this way too after seeing how the Great Recession destroyed the portfolios for retirement-aged dentists he knew and after experiencing personal frustration trying to day trade while also managing his dental office.

When he began investigating the world of multifamily property real estate, his eyes were opened to a new way of creating generational wealth, generating passive income, and experiencing personal fulfillment and purpose through revitalizing communities and joining a community of like-minded investors. 

In Investing in Life: Creating Financial Freedom Through Multifamily Real Estate, David shares his personal journey as a medical professional discovering the world of multifamily real estate, dispels the myths and fears surrounding multifamily real estate investing, and provides down-to-earth explanations for the core concepts and processes you need to understand before becoming an investor.

With his people-first approach, he’s focused on building a better future for apartment residents and investors alike and invites you to join in the conversation in this short and energetic read.

David Iglewicz

President of Prostoig Capital

Born into an immigrant family, he splits his time between Pennsylvania and California along with his wife Sandy, his college-aged son Brandon and his daughter Sydney. A health and exercise…

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