karmic selling book cover by stan gwizdak

Karmic Selling

Earning Business by Earning Trust

By: Stan Gwizdak

Lasting business success doesn’t come from signing a single deal here or there. It comes from long-term business relationships. When you take the time build up a circle of business friends that you truly trust and like working with, you’ll find that achieving success becomes easier—and more enjoyable.

It all starts with dropping the chip on your shoulder and being your authentic self. Stan Gwizdak has found that his however-I-can-help approach is the key to personal and professional satisfaction.

In Karmic Selling, he explains how to apply his clean heart approach to the business world, giving you practical tools to guide you through your M1, M2, M3, and beyond. He has used this technique to build his own consultancy, The Kormac Group, after having spent 20-plus years working for companies like General Electric, Honeywell, and Textron.


Stan Gwizdak

CEO of The Kormac Group

Stan Gwizdak is CEO of The Kormac Group, a results-driven management consulting firm that embodies his clean heart and commitment to serving others. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Stan has…

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