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Kurt D. Lloyd on Jury Selection

A Trial Lawyer's Manual for Illinois

By: Kurt D. Lloyd

In a perfect world, jurors would leave their bias at the door, evaluating each case based solely on the facts. Unfortunately, in the real world, every juror approaches a case with prejudice, sometimes even reaching a verdict before taking a seat! As a trial lawyer, you need to understand how to properly deselect prospective jurors and get the right jury to win your case.

In Kurt D. Lloyd On: Jury Selection, author and accomplished attorney Kurt Lloyd presents the first and only book for trial lawyers that comprehensively covers jury selection in Illinois, including:
•statutory procedure for selecting jurors
•law and rules for voir dire questioning of jurors
•evidentiary standards for challenging for cause biased jurors
•social media and juror discovery
•juror misconduct and juror removal or mistrial

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming trial or actually in the courtroom, this book offers all of the diffuse laws and procedures you’ll need in one place.


Kurt D. Lloyd

Founder, Lloyd Law Group, Ltd.

Kurt focuses his practice on plaintiff’s medical malpractice and other catastrophic injury cases. He is often hired as the lead plaintiff’s trial lawyer by referring or partnering attorneys. Kurt also…

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