Leadership is Overcoming The Natural

Leadership Is Overcoming the Natural

52 Maxims to Move Beyond Instinct

By: Joe Judge

Leadership is Overcoming the Natural is an attempt to see into the depths of the role of the leader, which is a fundamental and ancient element of our humanity.

Authors Joe Judge and Michael D. Merrill, MD outline the process of continually becoming your better self. In their view, becoming a leader is a decision, and not necessarily the fulfillment of a natural inclination or a promotion.

The hardest part about that decision is that it will change your life, and there are things, and maybe even people, that you will need to leave behind. Distilling their combined decades of wisdom and experience into 52 powerful maxims for any leader–or aspiring leader–to embrace.


Joe Judge

He assists C-level officers and business owners with life planning, executive retreats, and keynote addresses as well as coaching behind the scenes, challenging successful senior executives to resolve persistent issues…

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