leadership shock book cover by peter steinberg

Leadership Shock

Using Authenticity to Navigate the Hidden Dangers of Career Success

By: Pete Steinberg

Overcome Leadership Shock and Transform Your Approach. How to adapt your leadership style to new challenges and environments

“Leadership shock” can strike even the most seasoned professionals when assuming a new role. What brought past success suddenly doesn’t work, creating self-doubt. In Leadership Shock, executive coach and Olympic rugby coach Pete Steinberg draws on his decades of experience of guiding leaders through transitions and uses case studies to introduce the “Authentic Leadership Model,” which allows a leader to redefine their priorities and leadership styles to thrive in their new position.


Pete Steinberg

President of Innovative Thought

Peter Steinberg is an executive coach who partners with leading global organizations to develop leaders and high-performing teams. He holds a PhD in environmental science and resilience from Australia National University…

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