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Let’s Go

How Core Values and Purpose Create a Business Journey Worth Making

By: Brent Rollins

Creating core values and purpose can put your company’s growth, culture, and enthusiasm on overdrive.

In this fast-paced read, Brent Rollins walks you through the core values he established at RSi, a best-in-class revenue cycle management company, and how he leveraged them to create an engaging and fun work environment for employees in an industry where positivity isn’t traditionally on the table.

Through sharing what worked for him and his team at RSi, Rollins lays out the process for choosing core values for your own company. You’ll learn how to create an effective system that will work for your unique scenario and even in your personal life. Get ready for an exciting journey of discovery and fulfillment that will benefit your life and business for years to come!

Let’s Go isn’t your traditional business book written by an out-of-touch CEO. Rollins is involved in every aspect of the business and learns something new everyday from his incredible team and RSi’s amazing clients. He’s always quick to share stories that are both entertaining and educational. Prepare yourself for just a little bit more fun than you’ll ever have reading a typical business book.


Brent Rollins

CEO of RSi

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