Life by Design

Your Path to an Exceptional Life

By: Jack Daly

In Life by Design, the legendary Jack Daly unveils his formula for designing the life you want to live, recounting the route he’s taken along the way to creating that formula.

While the story of Jack’s professional life is already well known to his many fans, Life by Design takes a deep dive into his major outside endeavors: running marathons; competing in triathlons; visiting all the presidential libraries; golfing the world’s 100 best courses, and knocking items off his ever-growing bucket list.

Jack’s latest book offers concrete methods for helping readers design and live their own best lives, with exercises that he’s developed and used for years to set goals in business, relationships, health, and more.Get ready to follow Jack’s example of intentionally laying out, pursuing, and achieving success in your own life by design


Jack Daly

Sales Trainer and Sales Coaching Expert

Jack is an inspirational sales trainer specializing in public speaking, webcasts, e-training and sales training courses. Jack’s history as a CEO and entrepreneur has provided him with first-hand knowledge of…

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