A Life Care Plan book cover

Life Care Plan

Helping You Navigate The Aging Journey

By: Barbara McGinnis

Too many seniors assume they’ll escape the health hazards of normal aging. But the truth is that they won’t, and neither will you. So, preparing for age-related changes with life care planning is a smart move.

A life care plan will equip you to navigate the inevitable pitfalls of illness and disability in the best way possible. Because a sudden medical crisis could destroy your quality of life, proactive planning is going to be key to maintaining the lifestyle you envision.

Unique to you and your situation, a life care plan will prepare you to cope with the negative impact of both predictable and unforeseen health changes. Maybe you or loved ones are already struggling with such changes, and you know what a difficult journey it is.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use resource can help. It shows how and why life care planning is the smart way to move forward into a bright, secure future.

Barbara McGinnis

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