Life Changing Medical Intervention book

Life-Changing Medical Invention

Build a Successful Enterprise and a New World

By: Jack Pacey

In Life-Changing Medical Invention, Dr. John Allen Pacey offers insight into the high-impact world of operating room innovation. Physicians today have the opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare industry by inventing new medical platforms to improve patient care and reduce costs. As a Vascular and General Surgeon himself, Dr. Pacey brings 15 years of experience, having guided the invention of 33 GlideScope variants and 6 aperture video retractor variants for surgeons as well as the invention of supportive tools. You’ll learn about…

  1. Life-changing “Eureka” moments experienced by great inventors.
  2. How the creation of an idea is followed by a ten-plus-year period of “execution” during which one must properly utilize money, great people and build a new world for all.
  3. The profound importance of “Mentoring” and “Know thy Customer”.
  4. Planning unique invention to avoid “me too” ideas that fail to add value.
  5. Learning how to create a “Blue Ocean Opportunity” and sell to real customers for real money so that you can exploit your passion further.
  6. The benefit of sweat equity, frugality, and bootstrapping to pull through the “valley of death” and benefit of persistence to “never surrender.”

If you are a physician with a patentable idea or a student hoping to become an inventor, this book will provide examples of those who persisted and won.


Jack Pacey

Cofounder of Saturn Biomedical Systems

He is the former president of Verathon Medical Canada and co-founder of Saturn Biomedical Systems.

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