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Life Transformative Smiles

Orthodontic Treatments And Technologies For The Smile You've Only Imagined

By: Jep Paschal

Modern orthodontic technologies have made the process of moving teeth faster, more comfortable, and more convenient. There are even do-it-yourself treatments advertised on TV and the internet that some people are tempted to try to straighten their teeth. Patients themselves have also changed; only a few years ago, most orthodontic patients were children and adolescents. These days, many more adults are looking to have their teeth straightened.

Yet one thing hasn’t changed—the biology of the way teeth move. Yes, current treatment happens faster than ever before, but ensuring that teeth move correctly during treatment takes oversight by a trained and experienced orthodontist and team. That’s something you don’t get with do-it-yourself options.

But with so much misinformation online, it’s difficult at best to get the best answers. With Life-Transformative Smiles: Orthodontic Treatments and Technologies for the Smile You’ve Only Imagined, Dr. Jep Paschal answers some of the questions most often heard at Paschal Orthodontics for those who are making an important decision about orthodontic treatment for themselves or their children.

Jep Paschal

At Paschal Orthodontics, Jep and team deliver what is known as “the Paschal Experience”—treatment that is about more than simply making attractive smiles, it’s actually a step in helping people…

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