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Living Proof

From Foster Care to the White House and the NBA

By: Lucas Boyce

The powerful story an illegitimate, black foster care child, the unwavering faith of his white adoptive mother, and their improbable journey to prove that when hard work, determination and grace meet opportunity… anything can happen.

The powerful story of a former foster care child, born premature to an alcohol- and drug-addicted teenager who traded sex for drugs, and how he overcame daunting life challenges in pursuit of his dreams.

Developmentally delayed as a result of his birth mother’s abuse, Lucas Daniel Boyce struggled out of the gate and ended up failing kindergarten. His adoptive mother didn’t cast him aside as another tragic statistic however.

Instead, Dorothy Boyce instilled in Lucas two very important principles that drove his determination to overcome the cards he’d been dealt and enabled him to eventually serve at the White House, fly aboard Air Force One, and become an executive for the NBA’s Orlando Magic at the young age of 29.


Lucas Boyce

Motivational Speaker

Lucas serves as the Assistant to the County Administrator for Orange County Florida Government. He is also a published author and professional motivational speaker. In addition Lucas is an advisor…

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