Look Out Above (second edition) book cover

Look Out Above (Second Edition)

The young professional's guide to success

By: Bob Slater Nick Slater

Look Out Above! is an essential guide for you, the young business professional. Here you will explore the path to workplace success with guidance on how to:

  • Contribute to and connect with your team
  • Communicate concisely
  • Present to coworkers and clients
  • Pitch ideas, lead, and advocate
  • Navigate the modern, hybrid workplace

Look Out Above! reveals a comprehensive approach to each of these skills, one not taught in undergraduate school, graduate business school, or even in company training.

Written with great clarity and humor by a young professional and a seasoned executive, this book will have you blazing a new trail of personal discovery and transformation that will serve you throughout the ever-changing career landscape, wherever you go and whatever you do!


Bob Slater


I’m here to be the voice of experience, and to help you bridge the gap between a formal education and a practical one. I’ve spent most of my working life…

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Nick Slater

Entrepreneur | Author

I gave a young person’s perspective to my co-author, and argued with him when we disagreed, well-intentioned as he is. You’ve been spared teachings from The Godfather, references to outdated…

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