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Lost Your Teeth But Not Your Appetite?

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life By Giving You The Confidence To Eat Again

By: Michael Scherer

Have you had any of these thoughts lately? Do people really still lose all of their teeth? I thought dentures are for older people? I don’t know if I am a candidate for dental implants? Let prosthodontist Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, ease your mind, debunk the myths, and shed some light on the many health and lifestyle benefits of considering replacements for teeth that are missing or are soon to be missing due to decay, gum disease, or fracture. Learn:

• How a new smile and dental implants reverse the aging process
• Detailed information and treatment recommendations ranging from replacing one tooth to all of your teeth
• The right dental solution really can be fast, painless, and affordable

Lost Your Teeth But Not Your Appetite? can help you get back to living a full and enjoyable life with dental implants.


Michael Scherer

Founder, Sonora Modern Dental

Over the last five years, his love of education and awareness of the newest practices and products has allowed him to personally teach and coach thousands of dentists, both nationally…

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